About Us

"Ultimate of Karate is not in victory or defeat but in perfection of character of its participants."

What is Karate-Do?

Karate Do is a Japanese Martial Art of Empty Hand Self Defense where your hands & legs are systematically trained so as to act as sharp swords & spears. Karate do has been developed as a Martial Arts but however it has come to be known as an effective means to cultivate culture for healthy body and a strong mind.

Why Karate-Do?

One could gain Rapid Mental & Physical Development. Polymetric, Isometric and Ballistic exercises which are important for growth of Bones, Height & Muscles overall you get 100% Physical Fitness. Karate Training will Boost Vigorous stamina endurance and technique in you. Certificates Issued are recognised by AIKF Govt. of India, Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, which can be used for further benefits.

"There is no deadlier weapon than the will power even the sharpest sword is not equal to it."