Why Us?

Our schools feature large, spaceous training rooms for maximum safety. We are fully outfitted with top quality training equipment for every student to be able to maximize their results.

Our students are taught by specially trained black belt intructors qualified to teach all ages, from 4 year olds up to adults.

Our flexible class times means that you can choose the day and time that fits into your schedule. As well, our unique system of class rotation means that you never have to worry about missing out on a valuable part of our curriculum.

We schedule our instructors to ensure that students get the attention they need to learn new skills and gain greater self-confidence.

Training at Best Karate school in Nashik is more than just kicking and punching - it's about learning life skills to enhance all areas of our students' development. Programs such as our RESPONSIBILITY STARS, BLACK BELT DISCIPLINE assignments, and in-class lessons on developing "black belt" concentration present a consistent message to our younger students about the importance of concentration, discipline and integrity in society.

We balance the physical side of martial arts training with the mental and emotional tools to help children protect themselves when they need it most. Stranger danger, bully avoidance are just a few of the topics discussed in class.

We see all of our students as individuals, which is why our curriculum is structured to ensure that each and every student receives personal one-on-one time with an instructor to review their progress and help them keep moving forward.

Many clubs will try to "suppliment" their student fees by encouraging you to pay for extra lessons. At our Dojo in Nashik, we feel that if you need a little extra help then it should be for your benefit. Our motto: when you succeed, we succeed!

Everything in our lives is advancing and improving; why should the martial arts be "stuck in the past"? If there is a better way to teach our students then you can be sure that we will provide it to you! As we are strong believer of Japanese KAIZEN principle which means continuous Improvement.